“It takes hands to build a house, but hearts to build a home”

Here at Sandberg Estates Reform & Design we strive to make your new house feel like a true home. Whether you need a complete refurbishment and reform, complete interior styling or simply a helping hand for interior tips, the team is here to help.

Meet Albertine Ackrill, our interior stylist and project manager who will turn your home into a perfect haven. With vast experience in the interior and fashion industry and with an immense cultural background, she has just what it takes to create something extraordinary and unique.

Interior Styling: At Sandberg Estates Reform and Design, we strive to understand our clients and allow their personalities and tastes to shine throughout their home so that they can feel most comfortable in the space they desire. Selecting the right furniture, fixtures, finishing and home décor is crucial to achieve the preferred ambiance and vibe. We can either guide clients or take complete control over a home’s styling by providing the following services:

· On site visits and discussing clients needs and interior preferences

· Creating mood boards with suggested interior improvements

· Buying, sourcing and contacting suppliers for furniture, fixtures and home accessories

· Arranging and managing deliveries

· Regularly reporting and updating clients to ensure a smooth process

· Simultaneously managing interior construction reform work

· Physically moving and styling the home’s new furniture

· Adding finishing details and ensuring the end project is a home ready to move into

Our interior stylists are known for their great skills to find unique furniture and home accessories at any given budget so that the client approved mood board is always adhered to and all wishes are fulfilled.

Complete Reform and Refurbishment : Say goodbye to outdated flooring, tiling, walls and windows. We can provide a complete home makeover. Our team of constructors can provide exactly what you desire and require to give your home the uplift it needs to truly make your home feel modern and new. Our team of experts specialize in the following:

1) Remodeling or renovating all rooms within the house as well as exterior

2) Providing new flooring, walls, tiling and fixture solutions

3) Window & door replacements 

4) Choosing kitchens, bathrooms & overseeing the construction

mailPlease email us at to speak to the team, we will respond to your email within 24 hours.

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